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Rejuvenate, refresh, and have fun!

ART IN NATURE re·ju·ve·nate, re·set

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About Us

Bailey Art is passionate about art, community and a fun experience

This is not your regular paint and sip company.


Bailey Art brings you to the garden, outside in fresh air, among beds of flowers, at local mindful companies, and among other people, socially distanced but not isolated or cooped up like virtual events! Plus, we do all the set up, clean up and provide all the supplies! What could be better!

A safe, fun, engaging experience that gives you an escape into rejuvenating spaces, nature, mindful healing centers, and garden centers, while providing all the tools you'll need to paint. 

Bailey Art strives to provide everything you've been looking this past year, so sit back, relax, and sign up for our events. 

Whether you are looking for new social interaction, a break from home, a fun event with friends or loved ones, we provide the option for public events and private events, including kids birthday parties, adult parties, and corporate team building events as well as so much more! 

About Jess: 

Currently Jess is working towards a masters in Counseling Psychology and she hopes to bring her knowledge and love for horticulture, Art, and Psychology all together, for a fun, engaging community experience! 

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